NIAS ISLAND*ニアス島について

Nias Island is located in the west of Sumatra, Indonesia.

It is located a little north of the equator (Northern Hemisphere), the climate is tropical rainforest climate of high temperature and rainy all year.

It takes about 50 minutes by small airplane from Medan, Sumatra and about 10 hours by ship from Sibolga.

The largest town in Nias is Gununsitoli to the north and in the south there is Teluk Dalam, there are only two to be called the town, the other is just the village.

So, most of the island are jungle of coconut trees.

Famous Sorake beach in the surf is located in the south, losmen has lined up around here but not to such a place called a restaurant and shops, there are a few only local warung and stores.