Airpot・Harbor/空港・港      ~Sorake/ソラケ(各ロスメン)

1Car/1台 Rp.500,000~

※ 4 people or more + If there are a lot of surfboards and luggage, there may be 2 cars.


Pickup car of Nias is almost 7-8 seat type that KIJANG of TOYOTA.

It's a long way to go from the airport or the harbor to Losmen about 2 and a half or 3 hours, so please say anything as you spend comfortable if you have any request.

For example, if you want to go to bank, want to shopping at supermarket, want to go to eat at warung...etc.

There is neither a bank nor supermarket in Losmen street of Sorake.

In particular, Indonesians a lot of heavy smoker, I think probably many people who smoke in the car without asking, but please don't hesitate to say that smoking is hate.






* Airport Transfer *

When you coming by plane, it will arrive at Binaka airport about 50 minutes by a small plane from Medan,Sumatra.

It will take about 3 hours by car from the airport to Sorake.




* Harbor Transfer *

When you coming by ship, it will arrive at the port of Gunungsitoli about 10 hours in a large passenger ship from Sibolga Sumatra, departure at night and arrival at morning of the next day.

It will take about 3 hours by car from harbor to Sorake.

※ Only MondayーーーFrom Sibolga to Teluk Dalam

     Only FridayーーーFrom Teluk Dalam to Sibolga

It will take about 20 minute by car from the port of Teluk Dalam to Sorake.